Philly, The Boy Phil and Marc by a tent

Philly, The Boy Phil and Marc by a tent

Marc gets all anachronistic

Campsite on the airfield

Noddy gets his ukulele out

The gang in front of a tank

Noddy leads the way to the hangars

Suey and Marc

Marc decants beer into his mess tin

The Boy Phil inspects something

Marc's got a replica condom

Noddy holds Marc's hand-grenade

MPs out on the benches

A gang of women by a bomb trailer

A staff car turns up

There's a spot of outside dancing

Inside Hangar #2

Marc raises a tin

Bill looks at one of Nosher's photos on screen

Outside the dance hangar

Abby, Evelyn and Isobel

A US sailor

It's time for a snack

Noddy's playing the ukulele

Danielli and Caty join the group

A spotty dress finds something amusing

Swing dancing

Some sailor jiving

An RAF aircraftsman dances

Abby, Caty, Evelyn and Isobel

Isobel and Noddy dance around

Nosher and Isobel

Some evacuee girls dance around outside

Bill and Carmen, and Suey and Marc dance

The admiral has a laff

Isobel and Noddy dancing again

The Sticky Wicket singer

Richard and Tilly, the owners

Isobel's gang

Danielli borrows the ukulele

Evelyn shows off some photos

Noddy dances with a random army girl

Noddy and the army girl

Marc takes his parachute off

Marc and Noddy, who's still strumming

Noddy gets a light

Noddy sits on an Allis-Chalmers tractor

The Boy Phil stands on the remains of a tank

Noddy does the scene from Dr. Strangelove

Phil in a Willy's Jeep

The next morning, it's food-van breakfast

The Boy Phil gets a tea

We watch a film about something

There's a hardware and memorabilia sale going on

Old ration packs

The parachute boys

A little corner of Burma

A wartime shop cash register

The rocket nozzle of a V2

Inside an Anderson shelter

Tilly and Richard with some actual veterans

Hangar 9 in the rain

A veteran by Hangar 9