June Misc: The End of Days, Suffolk and Cambridge - 13th June 2009

Nosher, with Fred installed as a kind of baby rucksack, is wandering about Diss and happens upon a bunch of knitters outside the old Woolworth's. It turns out that they're promoting "Transition Diss" - part of a growing movement which appears to bring together bits of ethical/climate-changey/sustainability philosophy with a healthy dose of post-industrial/post-apocalyptic "what happens after the collapse of society" fatalism - one of Nosher's favourite things and why there's always a good selection of tinned food and dried pasta in the house and stuff growing in the garden. They've even done a bit of a Mill Road, Cambridge campaign with postit-notes of suggestion for what Woolies should be instead of a carpet shop. Later, there's another bike ride with The Boy™ and Al B, off of Taptu, leaves to become a blacksmith/hippie and travel the world...

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A knit-a-thon is occuring outside Woolies in Diss

People mill around

Postit Notes of hope

'Come and knit!'

The knit coordinator chats to the public

Light through a venitian blind strikes a spiky plant

Fred the Head flashes his baby blues

Fred chews on a toy

Smiling Fred

Isobel with The Boy cycles up Brome Avenue

Fred and Isobel stop to look at chickens, near Eye

Walking up the steep hill to the Eye Cricket Club

A decrepit corrugated-iron shed on the outskirts of Eye

In the Taptu office: Jake inspects a pile of pizza

Marc sneaks in to grab a pizza slice

Al B shows off his leaving gifts

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A knit-a-thon is occuring outside Woolies in Diss