Route 78 out of Julian, in Anza-Borrego State Park

Route 78 out of Julian, in Anza-Borrego State Park

Isobel ponders life by the road-side

Isobel hangs over the convertible

A couple of desert flowers

Isobel inspects some prickly-pear cacti

The car waits for us in a lay-by

Isobel roams among the cacti

Isobel in the hills

Spiky cacti

Purple flowers

A bit of gorse

Isobel's off again

A white desert flower, surrounded by purple

A view of the Anza-Borrego badlands

Isobel waves her hands on state road S3

The Wells Fargo bank at Borrego Springs

Christmas Circle even has toilets on it

The V-8 Mustang parked by the roundabout

We picnic on the roundabout

A rare cyclist on Christmas Circle

30 miles to the Salton Sea

A roadside hut by Christmas Circle

Our first sighting of the desert in bloom

Pretty flowers in the desert

More flowers

Pink/purple desert flowers

Sightseers roam around in the flowers

Purple flowers under blue skies

Carpets of flowers cover the canyon floor

More flowers

Isobel walks around amongst the purple flowers

A box marked 'telephone' isn't ringing

The desert flowers prove popular

Photographing the flowers

I Poke Badgers with Spoons

Off-road in Henderson Canyon

In the derelict town of Desert Shores, Salton Sea

Derelict lock-ups

Some sort of gate post stands around

Isobel roams around the post-apocalyptic town

Everywhere, buildings are falling apart

Salt-encrusted sticks in the Salton Sea

More derelict buildings

The nuclear blast-wave has not left much behind

A derelict caravan

Wind-swept dirt road

A dead bush

A stool sits alone, with no-one to sit on it

A caravan with no sidewalls

A more-intact green caravan

The remains of an airstream-like caravan

Derelict homes

More post-nuclear wasteland

Beauty Barber - anachronistic sign in a wasteland

Smashed windows

More dereliction and decay

Telegraph poles lead the way out of town

Ironic graffiti - smile, God loves ya

A big pile of rubbish

Isobel's back in the Mustang

An abandoned semi trailer and shop sign

The bow of a speedboat lurches out of the ground

Motorboat stuck in the ground

A sign hopes to tempt passers-by to the facilities

Optimistic plots of land are for sale

On Route 78 heading toward Ocotillo Wells

A dust storm cross the road

A derelict petrol station near Ocotillo Wells

A derelict petrol pump at Burro Bend

The old petrol station forecourt

Another abandoned pump

'Welcome to Burro Bend, California'

A tyre barricade

Concrete writing from 1989 shows a poignant hope

Derelict petrol-station shop

The inside of the derelict petrol station's shop

The exposed workings of a petrol pump

Round the back of the shop

Derelict petrol station at Burro Bend

Isobel waits in the Mustang

Isobel at Burro Bend

Ocotillo plants in the desert

Back in Julian, we find an ice machine

A pile of signs

The Old Julian Garage

We stop for Apple pie in Apple Pie Town

The apple-pie café

A Harley-Davidson on Main Street

The Rong Branch bar

Amusing sign advertising 'weed wacking'

A queue at 'Moms'

A horse-and-cart clops by on Julian's Main Street

Main Street and B

The Julian petrol station

Unusual combination: pistols and petticoats

A yellow Julian fire hydrant

A couple of wicker chairs outside a small house