Matt and Marc do some paper prototyping at Taptu

Matt and Marc do some paper prototyping at Taptu

Marc and Matt around a table

A nicely-lit tree

A sunset near Wetherden

Sophie's got her frizz on in the back field

The building is mostly destroyed after a day

The digger gets stuck in

A pile of rubble

Big skips are filled up with scrap metal

Big piles of ironwork are lying around

Air-conditioning conduit hangs from the roof

The digger tidies up a bit

Two diggers in action

The scene after day one

A few days later there has been a tidy up

Marc gets a slug in his salad

There's now nothing left of the building

Stef, Nick and Ben at the Green Dragon in Cambridge

Nick ketchups his chips

There's a Qualcomm/Taptu meetup at the Green Dragon

Back at the Science Park, the site is almost clear

In the Kingston Arms, on Kingston Street

The White Horse at Finningham gets its walls repaired

Later that day, the White Horse is all covered up

There are some baffling skid marks near Wetherden

Improbable skid marks at Wetherden

Bob Last poses for a photo

Bjarne Stroustrup checks his slides

Bjarne Stroustrup waits to present

Bjarne gives a lecture

Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++

Bjarne and a screen-full of new C++ features

In the university lecture theatre

The Department of Pharmacology on Tennis Court Road

At Taptu, Hani spins up a new cluster of storage

A pile of 1U servers at Taptu

Sophie the cat

We meet up with Qualcomm at the Golden Curry

Pietro looks over

Andrew looks uncertain

A table full of food

One of the Ukranian dudes waves in the Taptu office

The Taptu office is slowly filling up

Taptu's wide open spaces

A view of Marc, and Nosher's desk on the very left

Graffiti wall in Diss

A huge pike looms out of the Mere in Diss

Isobel reaches for Pringles

Matt sits outside the house

Emma grabs a bottle of Rosé

Isobel uncorks a bottle of red wine

Barbeque action in the back yard

Isobel plants a cucumber in the garden of the flat

Isobel in the Ward Road flat's garden

Isobel assembles a barbeque

Isobel flakes out with Soph-bags the cat

We go for a walk somewhere