Scenes from Manhattan and Ground Zero, New York - 1st May 2006

Having stood at the top of the Twin Towers twelve years ago, I'd wanted to return to the site anyway, but as it happened I had to head down to the financial district to meet mate Phil at his place of work, which happens to be right on the south-east corner of Ground Zero in the World Trade Center complex. Building has now started on their replacement - the subway is already in place - but there's still a huge, improbable, gap where the towers used to be. A really strange thing was that, whilst there were people there who were quietly observing and reflecting, there were also those who seemed to be there just to have their photo taken with the site as some touristy back-drop. Weird. Whilst wandering around the site waiting for the meet-up with Phil, I did get to take a few photos of some of the crew of Ladder Company 10, whose fire station is only metres away from Ground Zero and who must have been first on the scene.

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Food stalls in midtown somewhere

A taxi speeds past on 5th Avenue

Looking up at the Empire State Building from the corner of 5th and East 33rd

A 'Papaya Dog' shop, also on the corner of 5th and 33rd

Tacky souvenir shop

Another view of the souvenir shop

Another street, another hot-dog stand

Prayer ribbons outside the Dutch Protestant church, on 5th Avenue and 29th

More prayer ribbons along 29th Street

Golden-topped spire behind a park near 24th Street

Street scene on 24th Street

Another building detail from the corner of 5th Avenue and 24th

The famous Flatiron building

Probably nothing to do with the old 70s amd 80s computers of the same name

Looking up the Broadway at its intersection with 5th Avenue near the Flatiron Building

A homeless guy with his whole world in a shopping cart takes a nap on the corner of 6th Avenue and 23th

A bright bar/café, with something of everything crammed in somewhere

A porcelain toilet, used as a giant ash-tray

More street food!

The Chelsea Cinema on West 23rd Street, seen just before I plunge into the bowels of the subway to head to the financial district

A memorial cross made from some of the iron girders from Building 6, World Trade Center

Just south of Ground Zero, a damaged building remains

One of the crew from Ladder Company 10, World Trade Center

The crew of Ladder 10/Company 10, World Trade Center, keep their rebuilt building in good order

The remains of an abandoned train tunnel (built in 1909), which ends abruptly in the space where 1 and 2 WTC used to be

Patches and hats from fire, police and other emergency service crews involved in 9/11

Part of the memorial wall that frames the southern edge of the Ground Zero site

A flag flies near the PATH station at the World Trade Center

Ground Zero

Tourists peer at the scene through the secure steel fence that surrounds the site

People milling around outside Ground Zero

Buildings near the World Trade Center

Emergency call station: one button summons Fire, the other Police

One of the few remaining parts of the original Twin Towers - part of a service staircase from the North Tower

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Food stalls in midtown somewhere