Empire State from the New Jersey Turnpike

Empire State from the New Jersey Turnpike

Near the junction of I-95 and I-80

Box houses near the interstate

The George Washington bridge

Somewhere in Queens

A bridge over the East River

Queueing for tea at Nicky's Clam Bar

On the Fire island ferry

Kai is somewhere under a heap of coats

Kai peers out from his coat coccoon

Phil gets his fire-department-issue bike out

Down at the Fair Harbor fire station

A heap of shells on a table

Phil's weather station and a shingled wall

Lolly has some breakfast

Phil on the 'Fire Department Rapid-Response Bike'

Down at Fair Harbour

An old fire engine

The fire crew have been supplied with new jackets

Firemen's jackets

Phil stands next to a fire truck

Phil on the back of a fire engine

The biggest, shiniest truck in the building

Phil in the staff canteen

Phil does an introduction to basic hose use

Phil in his gear

A door of pictures, including Richard Nixon

The Fair Harbour real estate agent

The Pioneer General Store

Fishing boats on the pier

Phil on the pier

Fair Harbor

We grab the bikes to cycle back to the beach house

Fair Harbour's doctors' surgery

Back on the boardwalks

Lolly's cool beach house

On the sea front

The only way to drive along the island

Phil fires up the barbeque

Wide open spaces

Intrepid ladies on the beach in deck-chairs

One of the 'streets' on the island

A Fire Island fire hydrant

There's a weird yellow statue in the grass

A dead branch

Phil checks the steaks

Eating lunch outside the house

We all head off on bikes

Lolly, Phil and Kai on the main street

Fire Island's lighthouse

We park the bikes and check the information board

Climbing up the steps to the lighthouse

A view from the lighthouse looking south

A boardwalk snakes away across the dunes

Looking north towards Fair Harbor

Looking down on the rooftops below

The lighthouse lantern

An old telephone

Phil looks up from down below

On the spiral staircase in the lighthouse

A cast-iron spiral staircase

Phil exits the lighthouse

We sit on the steps and eat a snack

On the beach

Suffolk police drive by

Kai on the Fire Department bike

Fire Island National Seashore

The quaintly-named Kismet fire department

We pause, as it's hard going on the sand

Phil saddles up again

Phil and Kai do the baseball thing

More baseball pitching action

Footprints in the sand

Back at Fair Harbor Fire

Half the town turns out for the last ferry back

Back at Ocean Beach ferry terminal