Phil mows the lawn

Phil mows the lawn

Phil rummages around in the garage for stuff

More lawn-mowing

A Maplewood sreet

Gordon Dart Electric says 'no loitering'

Phil takes Kai back from Karate class

We eat a picnic in the park

Lolly's on the phone

The baseball field

Kai sticks his cap on

The baseball cage

Kai swings out

The teams change over

Practicing catching

Downtown Maplewood and a 1920s-ish Cinema

The leafy Main Street

A curious gingerbread-like cottage-cum-church

Leafy Maplewood suburbs

Looking back up Main Street

The St. James's Gate bar

In a Maplewood café

More Main Street

The Maplewood Bank and Trust building

Main Street, USA

Lolly outside the Blue Moon Diner in South Orange

Lolly in the comic book store where she works

Lolly checks comics