Midtown Manhattan: Bryant Park to Central Park, New York - 2nd May 2006

It's the final day of a whistle-stop return to New York and the environs of New Jersey and Long Island. With most of the day to play around with, Nosher dumps the luggage at the Marriott Courtyard on 40th Street and walks to nearby Bryant Park and the Public Library, before getting on the subway to head up to Central Park and wander back down to Columbus Circle.

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In Bryant Park, an off-duty Elvis impersonator takes a break and listens to 'Wooden Heart' (probably)

Stacked-up skyscraper

A sleeping guitarist

Café tables in a leafy avenue in Bryant Park

Bright pink tulips

Nearby, the steel frame of a new building gets some welding (or cutting)

In true Ray Mears' style - these trees are all leaning south

The Empire State Building reflected in glass

A homeless guys sleeps on a café table

A statue of some dude

The Chrysler Building

A guy escapes the harsh realities of life by climbing into the refuge of his hot-dog van

Hot, hot heat: a street vendor sells lots of, er, hot things

One of New York Public Library's famous lions

Detail relief on the face of the library: Beauty - old, yet ever new. Eternal voice and inward word

The grand entrance to New York Public Library

The contrast between old and new

The curious, if striking, top of the Bryant Park Hotel (?)

Flags flying down 5th Avenue

Another glimpse of the Empire State Building

Down in Bryant St. Subway, dancers perform

The legs are a blur as a dancer does a handstand

Up on Central Park West, the main enrance to the Natural History Museum

Nice verdigris on a Central Park West lamp post

In Central Park, tourists get pedalled around

Central Park Petanque

Intense boules competition in Central Park

'Spook Central' - the building used as the fictional home of the Dana Barrett character in Ghostbusters

Shiny gold chariot and horses at the entrance to Central Park on Columbus Circle

Cycle-taxis wait to lure passing tourists

Steel globe - appropriate given its location in Columbus Circle

Iconic steam pipes

Steam drifts up the street

A very tall and thin building

A fountain

A couple of New Yorkers pause

Meanwhile, some sort of photo shoot occurs

New York Police Department officers take their dog for a walk

A bright yellow cycle rickshaw

Crossing the East River on the way to JFK, the remains of a huge warehouse fire at Greenpoint, Brooklyn can be seen through the window of the airport shuttle

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In Bryant Park, an off-duty Elvis impersonator takes a break and listens to 'Wooden Heart' (probably)