The Brome Swan Cycling Club do Kelling, Norfolk - 6th May 2006

The cycle group return to North Norfolk for a bit of a ride. In fact, Alan, Bill et al cycle the 50-odd miles from Brome to get there in the first place, in addtition to the 36 miles of the ride itself. It's a different route this time, heading down towards Blickling (well, it would have been had not the rain forced a detour for a few of us) and back up in a big circle to return to Kelling

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Marc, DH and Bill prepare for food


Apple, Spam, Jill, Pip and Colin

Sue, DH and Bill (who looks like he's got a strop on)

Simon, Jen and The Boy Phil

Several beers later: relaxing in the lounge

Nosher drinks a slurp of Galliano (that had properly been sitting behind the bar for a thousand years)

Bill, Sue and Pip survey the map

Group photo (although Paul's looking at the ground)

DH and Marc on the tandem

Spammy has a swig

Village antique shop, with a 'Mazawatee Tea' sign

Red Lion pub sign

Paul on a bench

Marc in the pub

Alan takes his posse outside

Pip ponders the choice of beer

Apple picks something out of his eye

Phil reads a paper (well, it's The Sun or Mail, so it nearly counts)

Apple peers at the myriad bar mats stuck to the ceiling

Sue hides behind the Telegraph Magazine

Simon reads the paper too (the conversation was obviously that exciting)

A couple of Harley bikers stop off




Andy, Jackie and a withering glance from Bill

A rare photo fo Tyler (when he's not trying to hide)

Trees on the horizon

A derelict hut, slowly being consumed by nature

Sheep roam around along a leafy avenue leading to a stately home

Phil A checks the directions

A partly-ruined church

Bright yellow gorse on Kelling Heath

Beware of Trains. It's not wrong.

The Mikey-P Massive joins us for dinner after the ride

On Sunday morning, Nosher heads to Salthouse beach, shortly before the invasion of a thousand school-kids

Salt marsh at Salthouse

Misty village

Fisherman facing the bleak North Sea

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Marc, DH and Bill prepare for food