Borough Market and North Clapham Tapas, London - 23rd July 2005

Nosher visits his Sis "dahn Lahndahn", meeting up by London Bridge tube station for a wander around Borough Market for some posh nosh and some incredibly strong cheese. Nosher nearly walks into esoteric TV legend Jonathan Meades, who was coming out of the Neals Yard Cheese shop at the time, and then spots him again purchasing fruit and veg. After food shopping, there's a stop-off at the Anchor on the banks of the Thames for a few beers, followed by a brief interlude in the new Globe Theatre, primarily for yet another wee stop, and then a quick walk across the once-wobbly Millenium Bridge with a look around the Tate Modern in the old Bankside power station. In the evening, we head out for a few beers and then some tapas in North Clapham at what seems like quite an authentic place, at least given its popularity with actual Spanish people of the area

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A fish stall, featuring dangling octupi

Some nice fish

Sis gets some sausages

Sis at the sausage counter

Impressive hanging-baskets outside a pub opposite the market

Outside Borough Market

Hanging around outside the coffee shop

Street life

Loaves of bread, no doubt about £5 each

Neals Yard Dairy, a fantastic but heaving cheese shop

A heap of cheese

Borough Market

Jonathan Meades goes fruit shopping

The mushroom stall

Sis browses tomatoes

Sis buried in the market

TV-legend Jonathan Meades settles up for his purchases

The parasols of Borough

Some oysters

Street-food smoke

Strawberries and blueberries

Meat-on-sticks at a Turkish kebab stand

Various types of mini squash

Under the arches

Pigeon-feature flutters around looking for stray food crumbs


Sis strides purposefully back from the pub

Pub cat

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The Wobbly Bridge

Detail of the bridge with Bankside Power Station, home of the Tate Modern, in the background

Nice abstract view of St. Paul's seemingly floating on the Thames

A couple of violinists

Sis on the bridge

Old bridge supports near Waterloo Bridge

The bubble dudes near the National Theatre

A second-hand book fair under Waterloo Bridge

The 'London Eye' and Big Ben

Dereliction at South Merton, near Morden

Sis and Matt in the pub

Matt with a cig

At the bar

Some sort of singer

Sis looks up

The guys in the tapas kitchen

Kitchen action

A hotplate is scraped down

Matt dances with a Columbian woman

The owner of the tapas restaurant

Down at Clapham North tube

The train comes in

Late-night tube

Matt swings around

Morden dereliction by night

Sis in her flat

Graffiti from the train on the way back

Rain on the train window

Round Bill's, The Boy Phil does some rare washing up

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A fish stall, featuring dangling octupi