Cats in the straw; Nadine goes on Leave; Richard P's Caravan: Cambridge Misc - 29th July 2005

A few photos of Nosher's mogs (and a continuing obsession with stubble-fields); a couple of photos from stick-game at the Stradbroke Queen's Head; Nadine from Qualcomm Cambridge goes on maternity leave and so the de-rigeur lunchtime session at the centre-formerly-known-as-Q-Ton on the Science Park takes place; original 3G Lab founder and engineer Richard P returns unexpectedly (sorely missed for his contribution to lunchtime diatribes about the Police State), complete with his new festival abode - a mobile home with shower (apparently worth free entry to all the UK's festivals for that reason alone)

next album: The Big Skies of East Anglia - 6th August 2005
previous album: Alex Hill Live at Revolution Records, Diss - 30th July 2005

The Sock, complete with socked feet, dozes on the 'office' windowsill (life as a cat...)

A Suffolk sunset

Cat B, 'The Evil Soph-Bags', stalks dust motes by the evening light


Apple stands by whilst Sue takes a shot

Bill racks up

Dave B stands at the bar: a queue forms as the whole of Qualcomm Cambridge appears, but the bar has but a single barman on duty

Dave B inspects the relish on his New York burger

Once again, after-dinner speaker and raconteur Tim does his thing

Nadine stands up to make a brief speech

Back in the office: Liam, Ben (hiding), Dave R and Richard

Richard lights up a fag in his new second home

A full tour of the extensive features of the 'pad' is given

Richard and the van

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The Sock, complete with socked feet, dozes on the 'office' windowsill (life as a cat...)