A Combine Harvester and the Pig Roast, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 26th June 2005

The Boy Phil has an old Claas/Manns combine harvester stashed away down at Valley Farm, which is in the process of being sold to Poland or somewhere. Then, it's the annual Thrandeston Pig hog-roast on the green, complete with a Singing Postman tribute in the form of a singing traffic warden

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The Boy Phil climbs out of the combine

A Claas Senator

The rudimentary cab

The Boy Phil as seen from the combine cab

Nosher stands by the cab

A bucolic gate scene

A derelict Ransomes plough

Down at Dairy Farm, the old cow sheds are open to the elements

Some scattered family photos

Old tyres and cobwebbed bricks

A cow looks out

Uncle Jon uncorks a wine bottle

Bill looks serious

Tables out on the green, in the days before the marquee

Ian Colchester

Mary M

More conversation

A nice golden retriever

DH and Peter Allen, in amongst it

The queue for food

Peter Allen with a glass of red

Peter inspects an impressive stick

There's a good turnout on the green

Mrs M serves up some salad

Bill's happy with his plate of hog

DH waits with a plate

The hog

'Kipper' Chapman

John and Sheila

Peter Allen again

Uncle Jon

The puddings are out

Ninja M and The Boy Phil

Bill and a stack of cans

The view over the pond

Bill and Claire

The Boy Phil gets a raffle ticket

Thrandeston Little Green

The Singing Traffic Warden

A line of pylons

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The Boy Phil climbs out of the combine