Weekend Misc: Spring Snow, demolition 2, markets and the buildings of Norwich - 9th,10th April 2005

Unexpected snow falls in East Anglia briefly, even though the daffodils have been out for a while. The demolition of part of Diss Publishing continues (the bit that used to be a petrol (gasoline) station in the 50s). There's also the four-weekly W.I. Market by the Mere, a moment from a BBs gig at the Cock Inn, Fair Green, Diss, and some ramblings in Norwich

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Staring at the sun: snowflakes in April from the office window in Cambridge

A daffodil drips melting snow-water - the drop is caught in mid-air

A view that will only exist for a few weeks, and which hasn't been seen for decades

A heap of pipes, that will presumably be used to house concrete piles that the new building will perch on

The Potato People on the market

Charlie Garner (in green) buys some potatoes. Charlie used to be one of the porters at Diss railway station when Nosher used to commute by train a lot

Jo Bowley, lead singer of The BBs before a BBs gig at the Cock Inn

Busker+dog, outside the Mall

From the 'bumping into random people' department: Helen and Neil

Busking/skiffle group 'Swervy World' entertain on Gentleman's Walk, Norwich

Some interesting building architecture - mostly unseen by the furiously-shopping masses below

Outside Lloyds Bank, a painter waits for a sale

The Lloyds Bank, Gentleman's Walk, entrance, with Norwich Castle in the background

Dutch-influenced building, above HMV

The passages of Norwich Market, which is currently being 'redeveloped', thus losing its interesting history to be replaced with some homogenised 'shopping experience' (no doubt)

The lights of the Royal Mall

In Virgin Megastore, The Boy Phil bumps into a (very cute) Rittal College chum

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Staring at the sun: snowflakes in April from the office window in Cambridge