There's an amusing 'pub olympics' poster in the bogs

There's an amusing 'pub olympics' poster in the bogs

The Boy Phil, Apple and Sarah

Apple persuses the menu

Nigel looks around

The slightly-spooky wooden fox head, with LED eyes

Ninja M

Apple looks startled

A close-up of the beer olympics

The camp is set up

Marc looks after the fry up

Nosher and Sue's Astras are both on show

Pippa on a picnic blanket

Pippa spears a sausage

The Boy Phil does his breakfast

Nigel pumps a tyre up

The bikes head off

Marc and The Boy Phil in Southwold

Nigel checks his phone

Pippa and Apple

At the Red Lion on South Green in Southwold

Apple looks up in the Red Lion

'Ninja' M, Bill and The Boy Phil

Apple sits on a cannon by the Harbour Inn

Outside the Harbour Inn on the river in Southwold

Nigel lifts his shades

A view of the river at Southwold

Nigel and Jenny

Bill checks his Moobs

The bike massive on the footbridge to Walberswick

Apple and Pippa in the Walberswick Bell

Ninja M and The Boy Phil

Suey, Jenny, Sarah and Bill

These toilets are strict, but only for patrons

Marc, Jon, Apple. Pippa and a hiding Sue

Apple watches the sky at the Walberswick Anchor

Sarah and Sue hang out on a wall

Phil and Bill, who's playing with a wooden spoon

Suey and Sarah in the Anchor in Walberswick

Bill stuffs some food into his mouth

The gang on bikes on Lodge Road

Apple, Nigel and Marc near the Dunwich Road

The Boy Phil

Apple roams around on the Duncwich Road

Flaking out at the Wenhaston Star Inn

Jenny, Nigel, Apple and Pippa

The Boy Phil on his Nokia

Bill and Marc try to pull Suey's shorts off

Jenny puts her feet up

Suey and Sarah in the sun

A pint of Adnams, with some interesting additions

Nosher stops for a wee in a field

Stick Game action

We find a South African restaurant in the middle of nowhere

Nosher's dinner, served in a pineapple

Steamy food

In a pub garden in the mist

It's Breakfast Number 2, the next morning

Pippa packs up

Nigel and Jenny roll their tent up

Sarah reads the paper on the beach

Ninja M on the beach

Suey has a slurp of Fanta Orange

Ninja M gets some rays

More paper reading

The beach at Walberswick