Apple under a parasol

Apple under a parasol

The Dog and Duck Inn at Campsea Ashe

Marc, Bill and Apple under a parasol

Bindery Dave has a bit of a sit down

Apple and Pippa

DH and his beer

Outside the Dog and Duck

Rocking up to the King's Head at Orford

Apple, Denny and Pippa follow up

Ninja M parks his bike up

Apple and Bindery Dave

Marc with his shiny shades

Apple, Pippa and Al bring back beer from the bar

Walking to the King's HEad beer garden

Bomber Langdon appears

DH points at some grass

Bill gets his shorts off

Suey does some furious texting

The King's Head, Orford

Looking back out of Orford

In the beer garden

Marc, Sue and Pippa

Sue looks bashful

Denny's got the picnic all laid out

Hanging around in the Bailey of Orford Castle

Bindery Dave has a doze

Bomber's got a mug of tea on

DH, Bill, Marc and Sue climb up the motte

A view from the hill

DH rolls down the hill

Bill flakes out after rolling down the hill

Bill and DH look out over the river

The bike massive hang out on the quay

Phil, Marc, Sue and Bindery Dave

More sleeping in another beer garden

Rolling Suffolk wheat fields

The road back to Walpole