Phil and his sprog in Christchurch Park

Phil and his sprog in Christchurch Park

The sprog has a go of Phil's phone

Crowds in Christchurch Park

Crowds outside the Woolpack on Westerfield Road

Some kind of dance and drum group does its thing

Phil-sprog has some milk

Andrew has a hot flush

Andrew's on a tin of John Smith

Nosher, all in black as usual

Phil-sprog does some face exploring

Pippa, Colin and Apple

Gov, Spam and Alan outside the Trowel and Hammer

Suey walks around the Trowel and Hammer in Cotton

Alan has a slurp in front of the swimming pool

The cycle gang in the beer garden

DH chats to Colin

Wavy finds a mushroom to sit on

Wavy perches on three wooden mushrooms

Wavy and Nigel are on their phones

Gov gurns