Bruno and Sis

Bruno and Sis

Judith and Neil

Caroline and Bruno, and a plate of profiteroles

A Beaune square

A clock tower somewhere

Sis looks around

Sis roams through the streets of Beaune

Nosher outside the town hall

The cobbles of the Hospices de Beaune

The Hospices de Beaune

An old tapestry

Centre ville

A back street

Bruno does the barbeque

The view out of the back of Hirondelle

Sis, Judith and meat-on-a-stick

Sis offers up a toast

Nosher around the table

Grandmother and Judith

A rural scene

The Mairie-Ecole, near the house

Mairie-Ecole - Mayor's house and school

The road up from the house

A timber-framed building

The back garden of our impressive rented house

The swimming pool

A war memorial

The streets of Beaune

A river somewhere

Some stained glass

The stained glass windows cast coloured light onto the floor

A fairly modern stained glass window

French shutters

Nosher does a selfie against a wall

A wide river

The Bar des Autobus

Nosher sits back

Bar-table parasols

Judith in the kitchen

Sis reads a book as Caroline marches around

Neil mills around

Nosher in shades

More old buildings

Sis on a stine seat

Grandmother sits down

Nosher flakes out


Grandmother, Caroline and Neil

Sis waves

Bruno grabs some nuts as Grandmother looks on

Sis and grandmother

Drinks at a bar somewhere

We have dinner at the Restaurant Maxime in Beaune

Judith's eyes do their thing again

Caroline and Neil

The lights of Restaurant Maxime

Beaune's Hotel de Ville

Another Beaune back street

The shiny bust of some dude

Sis on a bench

Sis sits on a low bench in Dijon

A column of limestone

The vineyards of Burgundy

Another vineyard view

On the Rue Gaston Roupnel in Beaune

A wine-tours horse and cart trots by

More vines

Sis roams around by old fermentation tanks

The Chateau de Savigny

There's a whole collection of wrecked aircraft

A Sepecat Jaguar A

The engine bay of something

The Hirondelle's dining room

The lounge

Sis with a glass of wine


Nosher with a bit of three-day stubble going on

Judith lounges by the pool

Another dinner around the table in the garden