Bruno and Neil go through some paperwork

Bruno and Neil go through some paperwork

Grandmother, Judith and Caroline

Caroline, Sis and Judith at the hotel

Outside the church in the drizzle

Milling around outside the Eglise Sainte-Croix

More meeting and greeting

Downtown Carouge, near Geneva

Wedding guests gather outside the church

Milling around outside

Caroline and Neil

The service kicks off, as Luigi waits

Bruno walks Elisa up the aisle

The wedding ceremony commences

Luigi and Elisa head off

The bride and groom are mobbed outside

Elisa greets people outside

Uncle Bruno chats to someone

Another street scene

Grandmother with an overside umbrella

Sis, Caroline and Grandmother in the rain

Elisa arrives at the reception

The dress and train

Luigi and Elisa

Caroline takes a canapé

Nosher stands around

Sis and Judith

Cousin Alex and Bruno

Alex and Nosher, as Judith and Sis look on

Nosher with Grandmother

Neil sits around outside

Neil and Nosher


Alex, Caroline and Bruno

Nosher with Luigi and Elisa

Judith does her trademark stare

Grandmother has a little sit down

Theres a photoshoot by the bridal limo

Neil and Caroline take their seats

Luigi and Elisa do an Italian wedding tradition

Elisa and Luigi with Neil

Judith and Grandmother

There's some umbrella dancing

The umbrella is covered in streamers

A wedding snog

The couple break out of the streamers

A conga breaks out

Luigi is hauled around

The sparkling cake

The epic cake is cut

Some wedding dancing