The paddock at Newmarket

The paddock at Newmarket

Horses are paraded around the show ring

A horse with a Red Rum-esque fluffy nose-band

Another horse trots around the parade ring

More horse-parading

John McCrirrick in action

TV's John McCrirrick does his thing

John McCrirrick reads to camera

Crowds and the stands

Newmarket and the Rowley Mile stands

More parade ring action

Dan, Yann, Michelle and Alex hang around

Adrian, Alex, Phil and the back of Michelle

Yann, Dan, Tiina and Michelle

Horse 26 trots past the starter's box

Horses thunder down the field

Horses cross the finish line

A tripey jockey on horse 17

Horses gallop across the line

On the finishing line

A winning horse

More racing crowds

Contemplating the form