Angela and Andy Dobie look out over Dartmoor

Angela and Andy Dobie look out over Dartmoor

Angela and a massive fish (a plaice, as it happens)

The massive fish is inspected

A lot of steps

Some big museum

Edinburgh Castle

Hamish mills around

The Scott Monument

Downtown Edinburgh

A view over Edinburgh's railway station

Another view of Edinburgh Waverley station

Angela at the top of the Scott Monument

A view of Princes Street

The museum as seen from the Scott Monument

Hamish's head from the top of the Scott Monument

A park by the museum

The park again

Angela and Hamish sit on a bench

Angela and Hamish

In a square

A stained glass window

A shopping centre in Glasgow

The view out of Hamish's flat

Another view from the flat

Nosher and Angela

A tortoishell cat

Janet and Hamish

Hamish pushes his glassed up

Angela pretends to pour beer on Hamish's head

Kitchen action

Angela looks over

An accidental corner of George's Square

Spring flowers

George's Square, Glasgow

Hamish and Angela in George's Square

Hamish and Angela by the Robert Peel memorial

A church by a roundabout somewhere

A view of a hill

Angela in Hamish's car

Walking around a wood somewhere

Hamish stands on a wall

Hamish models for a 'Labour Youth' advert

Angela pops open some fizz

Angela and Hamish

Angela and Nosher

Hamish waves some sandwiches around

Reflected trees in a lake