Uni: Country Clubs, On The Beach and Organs, Plymouth - 28th May 1989

There's a day out at a beach somewhere in the South Hams near Plymouth, followed by an evening at some country club for a couple of beers, and a chance to pretend to not be skint students for a while.

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Nice cliffs, possibly near the river by Salcombe

A rowing boat on a tropical-looking blue/green sea

Andy 'Jitsu' Dobie on the rocks

Kate walks back from the beach


Rebecca Drummond-Hall on the beach

Rebecca and her friend do some ice creams

Andrew and Andy Dobie, flaked out

On the rocks

Nosher plays the organ

Organ action in St. Peter's Church, Wyndham Square

Andrew and Kate outside the Royal Inn in Horsebridge, near Tavistock


Andrew and Rebecca

Andrew makes a point


Rebecca, Andrew and Beccy's mother

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Nice cliffs, possibly near the river by Salcombe