Uni: A Trip to Shaftesbury and the Tamar Bridge, Devon and Dorset - 28th May 1989

For wont of something to do, Noshercadges a ride with Kate Solly and Michelle Osborne, who are (or at least Michelle is) off to somewhere in Wiltshire for something to do with their placement (or an after-leaving-uni job offer). On the way we stop off in Yeovil and also Shaftsebury, Dorset, for a look down the picturesque and famous Gold Hill - location for those legendary 1970s Hovis adverts. On the way back, Kate and Nosher stop off at the Tamar Bridge for a look around.

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Michelle and Kate at Chievley Services on the M4

Ivel Square in Yeovil

A park garden in Yeovil

Kate sits in a church in Yeovil


Kate looks back up Gold Hill, Shaftesbury

Kate and Michelle on Gold Hill

Kate, Michelle and the kid from the Hovis ads wander down Gold Hill

Michelle and Kate in a pub garden in Shaftesbury

Michelle and Kate get stuck in to a Ploughman's

Some bizarre ecclesiastical action, possibly involving a wedding, goes on in Shaftesbury

Kate stops off to visit an old friend in deepest Wiltshire

Tamar Bridge in the dusk

Brunel's Railway Bridge, left, and the modern Tamar Bridge, right

Headlights stream over the 1961 Tamar Bridge

Cranes on Devonport Dockyard

The bright lights of Devonport Dockyard

Cranes and a pontoon on the River Tamar

Cranes on an evening river Tamar

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Michelle and Kate at Chievley Services on the M4