Uni: A Trip To Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland - 15th May 1989

Nosher and Angela decide to pay a visit to Hamish, who's up at Glasgow Dental School - almost as far away as it's possible to get from Plymouth. After a trip to the travel office in the Students' Union, a ticket on the National Express coach is booked - it's about 20 hours or something crazy, but at least it's cheap. It's Mayfest in Glasgow, and we go out for the evening to watch Clannad live in concert. Then, Hamish drives us over to Edinburgh for a day trip. But first, there's the acquisition of a massive fish from the indoor market in Plymouth...

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Angela and Andy Dobie look out over Dartmoor

Angela and a massive fish (a plaice, as it happens)

The massive fish is inspected

Walking around a wood somewhere

Hamish stands on a wall

Hamish looks like he's modelling for a 'Labour Youth' advert or something

Angela and Hamish

Angela pops the cork on a bottle of fizz

Hamish with a packet of sandwiches

Angela and Nosher

Reflected trees in a lake

More reflected trees

A lot of steps

Some big museum

Hamish mills around

Edinburgh Castle

The Scott Monument

Downtown Edinburgh

A view over Edinburgh's railway station

Angela at the top of the Scott Monument, with the Royal Mile in the background

Hamish's head from the top of the Scott Monument

Angela and Hamish sit on a bench

Angela and Hamish

In a square

A stained glass window

George's Square, Glasgow

Hamish and Angela in George's Square

Spring flowers

A shopping centre in Glasgow

A church by a roundabout somewhere

Nosher and Angela

Janet and Hamish

Angela pretends to pour beer of Hamish's head

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Angela and Andy Dobie look out over Dartmoor