A Trip to High Lodge, Brandon, Suffolk - 7th March 2020

Isobel's still self-isolating whilst waiting for Coronavirus test results, so Nosher takes the boys out to High Lodge near Thetford for a bit. First, we're in Diss for some Saturday morning stuff

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Pigeons wheel about in the skies above the Mere

Fred can't decide between a Cats or a Kittens calendar

A view of Poundland, which was once Woolworth's

Harry does some sort of move in Diss Publishing bookshop

Only minutes after arriving at High Lodge, the boys are up a tree

The boys have got sticks

Harry in a den

Fred looks up

Fred and Harry on a tipi climbing frame

The boys in a tangle of ropes

Fred is as one with the tree

The boys roam around with their sticks

The trees of Brandon forest

Black and white trees

Harry pokes stuff with his stick

Harry discovers that thwacking things with his stick eventually breaks it

Off in the dried bracken

The boys have a cheese roll and some Pringles as a snack

High Lodge

Harry chases Fred with a stick

The boys have a swing

Fred gets the massive snake-rope thing going

Harry on the big swing

There's a crowd on the snake swing

Harry gets in Fred's face a bit

Fred looks a bit 'ennui' as Harry perches on the fence

On the way out of Thetford is the partly-demolished Ark pub

There's not much hope at the end of this rainbow

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Pigeons wheel about in the skies above the Mere