There's a strange blue ball in Sheldon Square

There's a strange blue ball in Sheldon Square

A close-up of the mystery blue ball

Ken wanders across Praed Street by Peking-Seoul

A building has foliage growing out of it

Vlad with his Peking-Seoul lunch

The stunt plane flies around the skies of Suffolk

More biplane stunt action with smoke trail

BT OpenReach has performed a stellar repair job

Phil, Paul and Suey outside Star Wing

Gaz gives it the hairy eyeball in the taproom

We visit the shop at Kettering Services

Grandad roams around

Fred carries his Lego box through reception

Harry gets the Lego out

In the hotel bar

The boys play Lego outside the hotel

We wait to cross the road by a vivid flower bed

More flowers, and the remains of a defunct BHS shop

Businesses are not shy about the Shakespeare thing

Harry and Fred face off with a couple of swans

It's all Fountain of Salmacis by Hermaphroditus

Grandad meets another RAF buddy

Grandad's name isn't on the list

A longboat pootles about

On the boat

There's green gunge stuck to the canal lock

There's a stray leg dangling down from the roof

Crowds and swans watch the departing boat

Another pleasure boat has a flotilla of swans

A swan does something weird with its beak and tongue

The rebuilt RSC theatre, disliked by Edward Elgar

There are lots of rowers on the river

Someone contemplates the River Avon (or River River)

Rowing boats bob about on the Avon

Holy Trinity Church from the river

The heavily-reinforced Colin P Witter canal lock

These swans have attitude

There's a massive swan frenzy

Former industrial buildings on Canal Basin

Thousands of feathers float on the water

A strangely-crowned K6 phone box on Waterside

Buildings on the corner of Sheep Street and Waterside

Fred walks past the 'Dirty Duck' pub

Harry looks for something

One of the unique streetlamps on Waterside

Fred takes a photo of a streetlight on Southern Lane

Another view of Holy Trinity Church

Harry pokes at some old graffiti

Murals in a park

Fred wanders around near 'The Other Place'

Fred takes photos of the street lanterns

Shakespear references are everywhere

We stop at a café so the G-Unit can get a coffee

The Jennifer May tour boat

Fred waves a book around in The Works

Grandad, Fred and Isobel in The Works

Harry is surrounded by piles of boxes and stuff

Some young lads do a Genesis number by the river

A guy on stilts waves at a cyclist

Grandad wanders through the car park

Harry and Grandad are blurs by the car