A Musical Night on Mill Road, Cambridge - 8th September 2019

The Cambridge flat is in-between tennants for a couple of weeks, which is the first time it's been empty for around ten years. So it's a good opportunity to stay over for a night - whilst checking the garden and hauling a dead dishwasher up to the Milton recycling centre - before heading up to Mill Road for something to eat in Limoncello, followed by some live music at the café with the awesome Relevant Records downstairs. But first, Fred, Nosher and the rest of the Gislingham Silver Band are meant to be playing at the Pulham Carnival and fete. Unfortunately, when we get there, there's been an organisational stuff up, which means we're a week early.

next album: A Trip to Kenilworth Castle, Kenilworth, Warwickshire - 14th September 2019
previous album: Up on the Roof: a Hydroponic City Farm, Kingston Street, Paddington - 3rd September 2019

The GSB hang around on the green at Pulham St. Mary, deciding what to do

In Cambridge, there's a tiny hole in the shed roof

Fred and Isobel inspect the garden

The wrecked shed

On Birdwood Road, a phone box has been turned into a library

Harry does some moves on Birdwood Road

The new mosque on Mill Road is quite impressive in the sunset

A convenience shop on Mill Road

A 1934 building, all but derelict

The old Romsey Town Labour Club

Isobel and Harry head into Limoncello

Isobel scopes out the menu

A nice starter of olives and sliced meats

The boys wait for their pizzas to cool

Harry blows on some pizza

The boys swiftly revert to gadgets

Limoncello's food fridges, with cheese

Deli/café life in Limoncello

Mill Road in the dusk

Fred looks in a shop window

Inside Relevant Records Café

A 50's American style sign

Harry peers at cakes

There's some music in Relevant Records

Harry eats his cake outside on Mill Road

Harry shows off the result of his eating

The fantastically 1970s experience of the Relevant Records basement shop

The perfect 1970s experience

Masses of vinyl records

The band 'Bow Down' are on stage

The young band do their thing

Some guitar action

The café crowd watch

Isobel and Fred

The toilets are quite cool, with NME covers all over the wall

A fruit machine through a safety-glass window

The gang back on Birdwood Road

Fred and Harry - Gappy McGap-Face - in the kitchen of the flat

Harry waves around the recently-re-discovered Foo Foo

Harry's like a coccoon

The view out of the bedroom window

Isobel does a bit of cleaning once the dishwasher has been removed

The boys play with lego in the lounge

The previous tenant left behind a couple of tiny cats

Harry, back in Relevant Records Café

One of the café staff makes Rosti

Fred browses the vinyl

Fred's looking for something

Fred thinks he's in the Bob Marley section

Harry and Isobel lounge around on the 70s sofa

A game of dominos occurs

Cycle King is still there on Mill Road

Mill Road

Accupuncture can apparently cure herpes

The boys on Mill Road

The boys hang around on Catherine Street

Back at home, it's time for a barbeque

The boys try to shoo away Millie Cat

Isobel does a marshmallow whilst busting for a wee

The boys eat marshmallows

Fred looks affronted

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The GSB hang around on the green at Pulham St. Mary, deciding what to do