The 69th Entry RAF Reunion Dinner, Stratford Manor Hotel, Warwickshire - 14th September 2019

It's the G-Unit's annual reunion of the 69th Entry into the RAF - known as the Royal Entry, on account of it being picked to represent RAF Halton at the Queen's Coronation in 1953. We'd had a tentative introduction to the group last year, so this time around we're inivited to the main dinner in a wing of the hotel seemingly miles from anywhere.

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The boys scope the menu out

Harry gets a hug

Pre-dinner drinks

The photographer wrangles together a group shot

A group photo of the 69th Entry, plus wives and partners

The guy from formerly-known-as-Ceylon and his wife

The guests re-assemble in the hotel foyer

Grandad holds court

The group begins the long trek to dinner

Isobel and Fred

Grandad and stick

Seating for dinner

The Royal Entry badge and RAF flag

A pre-dinner introduction

The speech continues

Animated conversation

Isobel does some sort of Mother Theresa impression

Fred learns how to be a sommelier

Some of the history of the 69th is inspected

Grandad flicks through some history

A photo of Grandad in the RAF in front of a Gloster Meteor

More history browsing

The silent raffle has occured - Isobel wins a book about narrow-guage railways

Auld Lang Syne occurs

Grandad joins in

More arm swinging

Linked arms break up into clapping

Some photos are pinched out of the history collection

Next day, our stuff is packed and ready to go

The boys have a last quick play in the water feature thing

We stop for a wee off the A143 and spot a derelict bit of the old Bury Road

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The boys scope the menu out