Carlingford's castle, in the mist

Carlingford's castle, in the mist

Isobel and Harry look around as Fred waits in the car

Some other bit of derelict castle-y fortification

A wrecked old boat at Carlingford

Carlingford Castle, sadly no longer accessible

Isobel and Harry stare out over the lough

Down at the Carlingford dock

Carlingford houses

A fairground ride in the rain

Inside the shrine of St. Jude

A Scary Mary in the bushes

Fred pokes around on the shores of the Lough

The Shrine of St. Jude, Ballyonan

Some sort of burned out holiday complex

Derelict buildings in Ballyonan

Burned out window frames

A cross through a burned out window

Render falls off the brickwork

Some badly-drawn neo-fascist graffiti

Crowds mill around outside the Causeway Hotel

Inside the National Trust gift shop

People at the top of a hill

There's a stream of people coming and going

People mill around likes ants on the causeway

Picturesque boulders

Fred, Harry and Isobel march along the road

Some dude sits on a rock

We reach the Giant's Causeway

Harry is almost camouflaged

Harry surveys the scene

Hexagonal rocks

Fred takes a photo of Nosher taking a photo

We start climbing around

Bright green algae amongs the lava columns

Hexagons all round

The gang clamber around

Fred and Harry on a rock

Isobel roams around

People swarm all over basalt columns

The boys look in a rock pool

Fred takes some close-up photos

Big black lava pillows

A nice arrangement of vertical hexagons

Harry sits down for a bit

Isobel strides around

Isobel chats to one of the ranger types

Harry points the way

A couple of green algae hexagons

A big standing pile of hexagons

A nice view

Some abandoned brickwork

The boys on the giant's shoe

Fred sits in the giant's shoe

Harry manages to fall into the sea again

We climb back up the long hill

The boulder announcing World Heritage status

The Causeway Hotel in the rain

We head off back to the car