James and Haryanna get some flooring in

James and Haryanna get some flooring in

The boys run around on the beach at Blackrock

At the end of the rainbow, with a faint double

The rainbow's end lands in the sea

Harry practices Bodhrán on the sea front

The colourful Bayview Inn

Nico and Lua join the boys on the beach

The gang on the wall

Blackrock Bay

On the wall

Harry roams around


A cluster of pink shells, in a sea of grey pebbles

The band assembles

A rusting old boat down at Drogheda Port

The bridge over the River Boyne

The appropriately-named Shop Street in Drogheda

A boy plays banjo on Peter Street

The boys sit on a step, grumpily

A girl plays penny whistle

The gang stride down Peter Street

Drogheda town centre

More penny whistle

Musicians on West Street

The band sets up outside Hickey's Pharmacy

Fred on flute, whilst Harry looks the other way

West Street, Drogheda

An old dude gives it the thumbs up

Harry's got his grump on

The kids get photographed

Girls in pink and white skirts claim the seats

The musician's seats are occupied

A fiddler and Uillean pipes player get some tips

A serious-looking girl plays accordion

Neon sign in the pizza place we stop in for lunch

Waiting for lunch to happen

Some more serious-looking children

The gang are still waiting for lunch

The band re-assemble outside an electrical shop

Fred's playing flute outside Kevin McAllister

A large trad band is playing just up the street

Beer pumps out on the pavement

The big band draws a crowd

Some singing occurs

A couple of girls swap musical tips

Some dude gets their car hauled off

A bloke on an accordion

Guitar and fiddle

Isobel pokes around in Flying Tiger

A bloke with a home-made bass

Harry briefly tries out his fly-eye shades

Likely lads on typewriters offer on-demand poetry

A couple of banjo players

Back on Shop Street, there's another band

Big crowds on Shop Street

A very lurid Irish dancing costume

Some girls in traditional dress pose for a photo

The excellently-named Wogan Interiors