Busking in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland - 12th August 2019

We head off up to Dublin so that Fred can do a bit of busking, but first we stop by an exhibition near Pearse Station. Sadly it's closed on Mondays, so then we try to visit the Book of Kells, but the queue's a mile long. However, do do get to (possibly) be in a TV film of the book "Normal People", which is being filmed in the grounds of Trinity College. Then, Isobel takes us to her favourite Pizza place, but it's shut down, after which we end up at a bar in Temple Bar which isn't what it used to be. There's also a trip to Walton's Music, but that's moved out of town. So it's all a run of bad luck, but in between we do get to visit the Molly Malone statue, although it's already got its allocation of buskers so Fred can't busk his Molly Malone tune on the flute. However, he does get to do it in Temple Bar, and even gets a couple of Euro and a round of applause.

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The boys inspect a broken door at Booterstown DART station

A couple of DART trains

Harry and Isobel on the train

Random graffiti

More graffiti near Lansdowne Road

The cool converted gasometer near Lansdowne Road

At Pearse Street station

Harry stares up at the big steel ball sculpture in the grounds of Trinity

Part of the queue for the Book of Kells

The actor gets his hair ruffled so it's just right

The crowd scene is filmed

The fake university proctor does a speech

More filming action

The filming scene breaks up

An ever-so-inviting sign for a, er, shop

The gang on Grafton Street

The statue of Phil Lynott

Isobel's favourite pizza place has closed down

Fred gets some origami paper from a Japanese shop

Harry's mesmerised by a vapour generator

Brightly-coloured bar

Some wrecked statue lurks in a car park

Harry inspects the statue of Molly Malone

It's no wonder Molly looks sad, what with people touching her boobs all day

The boys give some money to some buskers

Art gallery back alley

Walking past the graffiti shop

Isobel and the boys head into Temple Bar

Massive wall art on Connected Ink tattoo

The gang in Bad Ass bar

The Bad Ass bar

Harry's got ice cream, whilst Fred does origami

Fred on the flute

Hanging around outside Huey Morgan's old pizza place

Fred busks flute in Temple Bar

Harry's not impressed

The tourist crowds in Temple Bar

The Penny Ferry bridge

A bloke in a repair shop with an ancient Singer sewing machine

More Temple Bar streets

Funky stained-glass door

Lovely 1920s Spar building

The market near where Walton's used to be

Fred tries Irish flute in a world-music shop

Fred tries a piccolo

Crumbling building

Impressive plasterwork and chandelier

A covered courtyard

Some dude walks past graffiti shutters

Derelict antique shop

Very purple hair on Grafton Street

A sticker aimed at dogs

A row of Boris bikes

Another Dublin back street

A former laboratory apparatus shop, which is now an Insomnia

A tree stump turned into a dragon

Fred lords it up on a throne

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The boys inspect a broken door at Booterstown DART station