Harry's pimped out his bottle with stickers

Harry's pimped out his bottle with stickers

Harry at Stafford Services

A ton of toys

Abbey Road outside Stafford Services

Harry and Fred upstairs at Beafort Park Hotel

Fred at breakfast

Harry and Fred pass in the corridor

Fred roams the corridors of the 1980s hotel

Back upstairs near the room

The boys in the hotel room

Fred's on the phone

The boys are on devices again

Harry examines a big Welsh dragon sculpture

Heading back to the car at Beaufort Park

The Beaufort Park Hotel in Mold

In the hotel car park

Mold's High Street

The church in Mold

Mold's street market is occuring

Fred gets a book

An obelisk stands over Holyhead ferry terminal

The rocks by the Holyhead ferry terminal

Fred roams around near some oil tanks

The arrow points the way

Fred on the car deck

On the car deck of the Ulysses ferry

Fred and Harry in the cabin

Harry in the cabin

More views of Holyhead

Some bloke looks out over Holyhead

The ferry on-ramp

The huge wall of funnel on the ferry

A view of Anglesey

The ferry's token mast

Ferries are all connected via a tangle of gangways

A Stena Line ferry is moored next to us

A ferry dude waits for stragglers

Some latecomers drive onto the ferry

A very stripey walkway

A small lighthouse on the breakwater

The gang in the cabin

We leave the cabins

White horses in Dublin Bay

The Winkies and the Poolbeg generating station

A rusty-looking oil tank

The gang look out as the ferry trundles in

The derelict power station on the breakwater

A herring gull flies past

The old Poolbeg power station

The Winkies again

Passengers return to the car decks

Dublin Port

The boys on the main staircase

We head off to catch the bus into Dun Laoghaire

Evelyn and Da Wheeze in Mao's

The kitchen at Mao's

Fred waits for some food

It's Wok On in Mao's kitchen

The gang heads off

Leaves have blown in to a reception area

Down near the front at Dun Laoghaire

Evelyn and Isobel in a playground

Louise is on the phone

Fred and Harry in the playground

Isobel and Evelyn under a street light

The Victorian pavement ornament

Fred at the back of the bus

Fred and Da Gorls on the bus

Fred plays flute in the kitchen