A Mini Miscellany and BSCC at Redgrave, Suffolk - 7th August 2019

Nosher's old BPCC Printec office on Vince's Road in Diss is being tarted up, whilst another house on Stuston Road gets all a bit derelict. Down in London, there's some new graffiti along the line into Liverpool Street. Then, the BSCC splinter group rides out to Thelnetham White Horse, which turns out to have closed down, so we head back to the Redgrave Cross Keys instead

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Nosher's old office, second from right

The old Printec entrance is bricked up

Another derelict bungalow on Stuston Road

An old Truman's pub near Bethnal Green

New brightly-coloured graffiti

More pastel graffiti

New graffiti next to an old Dosh tag

Massive blue and white tag

A big derelict house in Redgrave is being done up

Gaz and The Boy Phil outside the Redgrave Cross Keys

A nice flower basket

Paul, Phil and Gaz in Redgrave

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Nosher's old office, second from right