Thanksgiving in Highcliffe, Dorset - 23rd November 2018

Phil and Tania are over from the US to hang out with the family in Highcliffe for Thanksgiving, so we decide to drive down for a couple of nights to hang out as well and catch up with the old-school gang. The next day, we walk back over to Phil's place, next-door to his parents, before driving down to the beach for a bit of a walk. After that, it's over to Sean's for a bit.

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We stop off at the brand-new Fleet Services southbound on the M3

Chris and Phil's mum

Phil gets some pumpkin pie out

Hamish roams around as Sean gives the Hairy Eyeball

Harry has crunchy-nut cornflakes and toast for breakfast

Fred's up a tree again

The boys in the room

Fred scoots about the Premier Inn car park

There's an amusing hand-drawn danger sign on the gates to the cemetery

Scooting on a leafy lane

The 100-year poppies in St. Mark's graveyard

The church hall where Nosher and Sean used to play badminton in the 1980s

Isobel looks back as Harry does the 'flying fox'

Fred up a climbing frame in Highcliffe Rec

Harry leaps about

The boys do some Lego

Harry's excited to find an actual fossil in a rock

Harry digs up sand with a cuttlefish 'skeleton'

Fred walks around on the shore

We inspect some major cliff slumpage

Dog walker on the beach

A tangle of knotted ropes

Harry, Fred and Isobel

Harry runs around like a puppy

Over at Sean's, Fred gets to try out a bass guitar

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We stop off at the brand-new Fleet Services southbound on the M3