A Christmas Market, New Milton, Hampshire - 24th November 2018

It's a bit of a rainy day, but Jon the Hair is in New Milton on a rare visit, so we meet up in Costa on Station Road for a hot chocolate. Luckily, it's the New Milton Christmas Market, so there's also a bit of activity going on in town and all the roads are closed off

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There's a cool World War One memorial bench on the recreation ground

The gang wanders past the French market on Old Milton Road

A watery Station Road

The whole of the centre of New Milton has been closed off to traffic

Harry meets a Santa Claus

There's some nice singing on Station Road

The boys look mesmerised at some giant sweet laces

Looking back down Station Road

Fred actually wins at the 'which is the real egg' game

Harry does some sort of tombola

Cool graffiti on the youth centre

Some more street art

Concrete sculpture down at the skate park - where the old bowling green used to be

Jon the Hair hangs around

We contemplate whether or not this sclupture is meant to be skated on or not

People mill around in the middle of New Milton

The view from outside the old Safeway

A closed-down shop on Station Road

The legend of New Forest Stationers

Sign o' the times, if the times is 1980 or so

The boys look at charity-shop books, as a girl dances around to keep warm

Bits of New Milton are looking decidedly run down

Onions on Old Milton Road

We stop off at Winchester Services on the M3

Harry loads up on stuff in the Marks and Spencer food shop

The look of horror as Fred realises he's bought baked crisps

Harry looks around

A reflected sign floats over the grey car park

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There's a cool World War One memorial bench on the recreation ground