The Remembrance Sunday Parade, Eye, Suffolk - 11th November 2018

It's 100 years since the end of the First World War, and so the Remembrance Parade has some added significance, which possibly explains the particularly good turnout. Harry's also marching in the parade with his Beavers gang, as it does its traditional route up to the church and back to the town hall.

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There's a general milling about in the autumn sun before the parade kicks off

Harry tentatively waves

Sophie smiles

A Sally Army dude hauls his tuba up Lambseth Street

Jill waves

The G-Unit is out with his RAF tie on

Grandad got a fag on

The march heads off up the road

The Scouts

The parade is assembled around the war memorial

Beavers and Scouts

The dude with the ceremonial mace

Some proctor or something does a speech

The proctor heads the procession up to Church Street

Andy P and the Beavers

The rest of the crowd follows

The local school is represented

Fred looks over the gate

The school children have made poppies out of their hand prints

Wooden crosses and wreaths down at the war memorial

A white lion at the old White Lion pub

The town hall

It's been many years since Eye had a post office and/or a theatre

One of the 'tommy' silhouettes in the shop 'Shelf'

At the church, the steps to the bell tower are revealed

Harry holds up his 'poppy'

Harry's home-made poppy, out of a plastic bottle bottom

Another silhouette, in the fabric shop

The parade finishes up at the town hall

There's a bit of a feeding frenzy when sweets are handed out

Eye's town motto: Occulum in Coelum - Eye in the Sky?

Harry at the steps of the town hall

The boys meet up with friends

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There's a general milling about in the autumn sun before the parade kicks off