Norwich Lights and Isobel Sings, Norwich, Norfolk - 15th November 2018

Isobel gets wind of another last-minute singing gig, this time outside the old Pilch Sports shop on the Haymarket in Norwich. So we bunk off work a bit early to head up by train in time for the 6pm kick off, which broadly coincides with the turning on of the Norwich light tunnel. After a bit of singing, we fight through the crowds and head off to Pizza Express in the Forum for tea, before heading back home.

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Norwich Castle is all lit up with projections

The gang on Castle Meadow

The red lights on some cranes look very much like Martian war machines from War of the Worlds

On the Haymarket, the illuminated tat sellers are out in force

The Pret a Manger shop on the Haymarket, in the yellow glow of sodium lights

A Santa makes an appearance

Isobel's choir - Invidia Voices - starts its concert

Conducting on a box

Concentrated singing

The conductor looks round

Isobel's section of the choir

Harry and Fred have glow-in-the-dark light sabres to play with

Even the conductor is singing

Proceedings are disrupted as another Santa, pulled by a tractor, heads up to Gentleman's Walk

Santa waves

The Christmas procession heads off up through the Haymarket

Walking presents and a tree

A nice table light in Pizza Express

The Forum's lights are part of the grand switch-on

There's a big crowd outside the Forum

Harry and Fred do lightsabres

Fred leaps in the air on the way back down Prince of Wales Road

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Norwich Castle is all lit up with projections