Suey Leaves Aspall and Southwold Beach, Suffolk - 16th November 2018

Suey has a bit of a do up at the Oaksmere, on account of leaving Aspall (of cyder and vinegar fame) after forever. Then, we're off to Southwold again for a winter beach trip.

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Down in Diss, at the end of Mere Street, there's a poppy memorial for the Great War

Castle Baynard Street on the way to work in London - one of the dark and scary places

At Hyde Park Corner, people mill around by the Royal Regiment of Artillery monument

Back at home, there's a few tons of gravel ready to spread out

The last of the messy crushed-concrete drive

Marc points something out to Gaz in the Oaksmere

Big Al

The Saga table (plus Claire)

Fred on the ramps at Southwold

The lifeguard beach hut

The Southwold promenade

There seem to be an unusually-large number of gulls around

The boys on the beach

The seas are stormy

A juvenile gull takes to the air

Harry in a pit

Abandoned scooters

The groynes are getting fairly worn down by the sea

Harry looks out to sea

Fred does some skimming

Fred roams the shoreline

Isobel looks around

Under the pier

Harry's on the 2p arcades again

The boys share a Diet Sprite in the café

Empty table

The fisheye lens means there's finally a photo of the whole of the Orwell wall art

Southwold Pier - tells it like it is

Fred on one of Tim Hunkin's latest machines in the Under The Pier Show

Fred does some exercise

Harry looks around

Enter the mind of a fly

Fred does the fly game

Southwold in the sunset

Foam lines the extent of the waves, and trembles in the wind

The moon is out

Isobel gives Fred something she's found

The boys leap around

A pleasant view in the dusk

Sunset beach huts

Apart from the cars, this probably hasn't changed much since the 1930s

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Down in Diss, at the end of Mere Street, there's a poppy memorial for the Great War