A Spot of Camping, Alton Water, Stutton, Suffolk - 1st September 2018

It's time for some more camping in the van, this time at the recently-opened Alton Water campsite, as run - perhaps unexpectedly - by Anglian Water. The site's new as of this year, and so it's mostly a field but with nice new toilets and showers, but the overall location is great with Alton Water being much like a miniature Rutland, including a dam at one end. We even do a similar ride around the lake, with woodland, hills and a couple of pubs - it's just that it's a manageable 8 miles around, rather than the 20 or so of a full spin around Rutland Water.

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The week before, the boys cycle in to Eye whilst Evelyn and Isobel run/walk there instead

Isobel and the boys in Cafeye, Eye

Isobel looks wistfully out of the window

It's the first full day at the campsite, and everyone assembles on bikes

Alton water and the boats. Sadly there's some ban on everything due to blue/green algae

The resevoir overflow looks like it would be a fun waterslide

Isobel consults the map

A nice wooded path

We stop for a blackberry break as Fred picks some fruit

Isobel and Harry - with his one-geared bike - catch up

Accidental, but funky, shot of bikes

Everyone else joins in with the blackberry picking

We end up at the Tattingstone White Horse, with a cool wooden horse

The White Horse, Tattingstone

Harry and Fred get back on their bikes

Back at the campsite, Harry gives the dogs a cuddle

Dave the puppy gets told off for something

Isobel looks round

Late summer rosehips

A duck floats around in front of the limnological tower

The resevoir is a bit 'police state'

Harry roams around in a blanket disguise

Dave the puppy looks around

Harry looks like some kind of tartan Bedouin

Fred helps out with the washing up, whilst Harry just watches

Sunset over a caravan

Our pitches in the sunset

A game of rounders is afoot

Fred's in bat

Meanwhile, some of the children play volleyball

Mel gets a fire going

It's marshmallow on a stick time

There's lots of fun to be had with glowsticks in the dark

More glowstick action

Some glowsticks are hurled into the air

Painting with light

Fred and Harry

The eye of Sauron

The next morning, Fred plays some guitar

Fred on his bike, down by the resevoir

Back home, after the lawn is mowed, it all looks like a proper garden

Massive stacks of straw bales on the back field

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The week before, the boys cycle in to Eye whilst Evelyn and Isobel run/walk there instead