An Orford Day Out, Orford, Suffolk - 17th February 2018

Orford's another of the places that we haven't been to for a while, so armed with English Heritage membership we head off to the castle and a small picnic, some climbing in the climbey-tree and a trip to the quay - featuring the awesome smoked cheddar from the Pinney's shop

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The boys run up the Orford Castle motte

Fred and Harry

We have a micro-picnic

Fred and Harry make some ten-minute-friends and play piggy-back up the hill

A pigeon takes off from the keep

The gang roam around inside Orford castle

Fred looks around

The town of Orford, with the Ness lighthouse in the background

More of Orford Ness

1628 graffiti, and what looks like a board game or a map of the old castle walls

Some 1643 graffiti

Harry looks at stuff

Isobel inspects a cabinet

Fred's got a tree growing out of his head

Harry in the Pinney's of Orford smokehouse shop

Isobel peers at food items

Fred on the foreshore

A boat bobs around on the River Ore

Another fishing boat, from Lowestoft

The curious pagodas from 1950s atom-bomb-trigger experiments, on Orford Ness

One the quay at Orford

Fred sizes up an old boat

The Deben Trojan - a wreck-digging ship - hangs around at Orford

Harry, Fred and Isobel, contra jour, on the shingle bank

A wrecked boat

The skeleton of an old boat

In the marsh reeds

We walk over the marshes back to the castle

Marsh grasses in the sun

A nice old farmhouse

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The boys run up the Orford Castle motte