The Humpty Dumpty Beer Festival, Reedham, Norfolk - 22nd July 2017

Nosher, Marc & Suey, The Boy Phil and Paul head off on the train to Reedham to the Humpty Dumpty Beer Festival. Isobel and the Boys are along for the ride too, at least as far as Norwich where they head off to the cinema. Meanwhile, we continue to Reedham on what is virtually a heritage railway line, where tiny Victorian stations are neatly kept, with flowers in baskets and everything, and where they actually still use semaphore signalling, just like the 1950s. After a few hours drinking beer at the fest, we head off to visit the Reedham Ferry, a popular pub on the nearby river Yare.

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Fred and the gang on the platform at Diss

Nary has a beer festival ever had such a leafy entrance

The 'Pedants' Revolt' border Morris provides some entertainment

Suey holds up a glass

Purple faces and pheasant feathers

Suey gets the Morris dancers to pose for a photo

Musical accompaniment

Nosher's glass

Marc roams around

There's more dancing

Suey has a doze in the sun

By 2pm in the afternoon, the festival is properly filling up

On the adjacent footbal pitch, some sort of charity friendly occurs

Football action

Reedham Station buildings

The winding tracks towards Yarmouth and Lowestoft

Entrance to Reedham

We head off on the road to the Reedham Ferry

A swan with three fluffy cygnets hide in the grass

Cows, and the Cantley sugar factory in the distance

More cows

Marc and Phil point at stuff

Some bullocks look over warily

Toby jugs in the Reedham Ferry

Loads of business cards the look like they're out of the 1980s are stuck to the ceiling

A dubious business card for a 'versatile 18 year old beauty'

The quaint (actual) Reedham Ferry

Looking up the river towards Reedham

A lovely old yacht is almost luffing as it heads close to the wind and up the river

A heterochromic dog

The other Reedham Ferry - the pub

Traditional beers, written in flint pebbles

A drainage ditch, and Cantley sugar factory

Reedham Station

Paul mills around

An ancient semaphore signal in stop position

A view of the vintage signal through the bridge

Paul inspects the tracks

A view through the steps of the bridge

Top-and-tailed Class 37's with only two coaches between them rumble up the line from Lowestoft

The smelly diesel locos from out of the 1960s thunder past Paul

The old train leaves a cloud of smoke in its wake

The Boy Phil on the slightly newer train back to Norwich

The wilderness in Thorpe, Norwich

We actually bump into Isobel and the boys at Norwich station, as they return from their cinema trip

Fred's got a balloon

Norwich platforms

Derelict building in Thorpe

Thorpe maintenance depot in Norwich

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Fred and the gang on the platform at Diss