The flags are out on the Mall in London

The flags are out on the Mall in London

Horseguards trot up the Mall

Artillery horses wait on Constitution Hill

Early spring foliage on Constitution Hill

A gun carriage outside Buckingham Palace

A wrecked building near Brantham

The derelict site is cleared out

Graffiti tags on a wrecked building

The diggers are in demolishing stuff

A cloud of dust as the diggers get to work

A big tag on a wall

A dude plays a Harmonium on the Tube

Paddington is packed with trains

Isobel on the Heathrow Express

Isobel in Terminal 2 at Heathrow

A giant escalator

We walk for miles to the gate

A BA Airbus A380

Gate B36 is nice and quiet when we get there

Some sort of building or re-building occurs

A former BA maintenance hangar

The plane taxis right past Concorde

A view of Iceland from the air

It's graffiti Ísland-style, near Keflavik

A remote house on the road from Keflavik

Isolated house in the volcanic wilderness

Reykjavik Excursions bus station

Our hotel room

There's a regional airport behind the hotel

Isobel holds up an £8 glass of beer

Abstract painting that we thought Harry could copy

These 330ml bottles of beer cost £14.75 a pint

Isobel waits at the bus-stop near the hotel

There's a lot of street art in Reykjavik

Funky many-windowed hotel

A view down to Faxaflói bay

It snows a bit on Laugavegur

An eagle picture

Wall art for Reykjavik Chips

Godzilla takes on Reykjavik

Eagles are clearly popular

Isobel and glass of wine in the restaurant

Isobel contemplates her £15 open sandwich

Outside, it snows for a bit

A nice little Icelandic pudding

A building on Laugavegur entirely covered in art

A graffiti door

Isobel looks back

Faxaflói Bay

Back-street graffiti

A curious electrical hut

Another Reykjavik street

More graffiti

Graffiti and wall art

We walk back past our earlier restaurant

Painted paving

Three little birds

A first glimpse of Hallgrímskirkja

A face on a wall

The famous Hallgrímskirkja cathedral in the dusk