The Black Dog Marathon and 10K, Bungay, Suffolk - 2nd April 2017

Isobel's entered in the Bungay Festival of Running's 10 kilometer race, which starts from Maltings Meadow in Ditchingham, a location which has changed somewhat since the last time Nosher was there playing softball in 1994 as part of a Clays works outing

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Tying shoelaces sets the scene at Maltings Meadow

The Marathon runners set off

Marathon runners set off on their 26-and-a-bit mile course

Not your average marathon-runner profile

The announcer does some announcing

The race is well set up with technology

A load of 10k/6 mile runners assembles

Isobel waves at the off

The boys get into the spirit of it by running around a field for a bit

Nosher and the boys get burgers and bacon rolls for breakfast

Fred comes in after a couple of laps of the field

Harry scowls

Harry and Fred in the dugout

A million plastic bags

One of the older 10K runners comes in

Isobel gets back after just over an hour of running

Isobel picks up a medal

Allyson, ? and Isobel after the race

Some 60s/70s-style half-marathon fun runners get ready

The 70s runners take a salute

Harry looks at a winner's plate

Isobel's running posse do a selfie

The Mayor of Bungay starts the half marathon

the half-marathon runners get ready

The hippies are off

Darren from Benfleet waves to the crowds

Bungay Black Dog running club's strange Black Shuck logo

Ditchingham and Maltings Meadow


Tying shoelaces sets the scene at Maltings Meadow