There's a fish and chip van at the village hall

There's a fish and chip van at the village hall

Fred and Harry lean on the pool table

Frank Hollidge's cricket cake

Frank gets a round of applause

Frank inspects his cake

Harry in the village hall

There's a raffle in the village hall

It's a frosty morning in Suffolk

Derelict warehouses near Ipswich

Ipswich goods yard, near Hadleigh Road

Stratford Station from the tube train

A bunch of escalators at Greenwich North station

An Alitalia plane flies behind the O2

The O2 in Greenwich

The entrance to our Lasertag lair

SwiftKey staff mill around

Signing lives away

Themed toilets

Nice showers

The canteen

A nice touch with the sign for the bogs

Nacho and Vlad

The SwiftKey massive assemble

A period phone unit, from its cold-war days

Lachie signs his life away

The dude checks some equipment

An introduction occurs

Lights come on as everyone gets kitted up

Dom runs around and looks freaked out

Someone roams around in the fog

A post-game break

Nacho checks his scores

Tehmur's gang roams around

There's a break out in the daylight

The Elevation Point, home of Lasertag

Nacho and Dom on the steps of the building

Milling around outside Elevation Point

A glimpse of the Thames Barrage

The delights of a Charlton industrial estate

There is loads of underground stuff going on

The underground lair

Heading back after a game

A post-game rendezvous

Thomas looks over

The Thames Barrage

New flats and more building

Looking over to Docklands from the Thames Barrier

A RIB heads through the Thames Barrier

Dr. Brakes has spared no expense on advertising

A convenient pile of roadside auto parts

A digger and a pile of scrap

Post-industrial decay

Dumpster Cat looks for mice

Sumaiya checks out the cat

Sumaiya looks at Cat

The cat keeps watch

One or two signs are going on

SwiftKey wait for the bus

Somewhere near the O2

Roaming around near the O2

A building full or port-holes

Inside the O2

SwiftKey decide what to do about a late lunch

A twisty needle in the late sun

There's a cool gasometer near the O2

The sun sets behind a lattice of ironwork

Cast iron gasometer

A line of buses near the O2