Stalls outside the town hall

Stalls outside the town hall

The Scouts have got a barbeque going

The Scouts are also doing a raffle

Fred and Harry decorate biscuits in The Bank

Fred's finished his biscuit

Some music occurs in The Bank

Harry eats his biscuit

The scene on Broad Street

Grandad's in the crowd

Fred and Harry in a Haunted House

Fred and Harry spin around

The boys on the spinner

More spinning from the boys

There's a good crowd in the Town Hall

Festive decorations

Harry chats to Santa Claus

Harry and Santa

Fred's still not too old to see Santa too

The mayor of Eye floats around

The traditional Eye Lights book sale

Fred and Harry score some free chocolate

The shop on the corner of Church Street

The Tilting Sky and its Christmas lights

The Tilting Sky