SwiftKey Does Laser Tag, Charlton, London - 29th November 2016

It's the SwiftKEy IME team's annual outing to somewhere non-officey. This time it's down to deepest North Greenwhich (technically Charlton) for a spot of Lasertag in what is ostensibly a former cold-war bunker housed beneath a former 1960s or 70s office block

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It's a frosty morning in Suffolk, on the way to Liverpool Street

A derelict factory building on the ourskirts of Ipswich

A bunch of escalators at Greenwich North station

An Alitalia plane flies behind the O2

Funky contemporary architecture

The entrance to our Lasertag lair

Nice showers

A nice touch with the sign for the bogs

The SwiftKey massive assemble

A period phone unit - the bunker is allegedly a cold-war fallout shelter

Lachie signs his life away

The dude checks some equipment

An introduction occurs

Lights come on as everyone gets kitted up for the first time

Dom runs around and looks freaked out

Someone roams around in the fog

More Laser action

A post-game break

Nacho checks his scores

Nacho and Dom on the steps of the 1960s/70s office building

There is loads of underground stuff going on

Heading back after a games

Thomas looks over

A groovy gas mask

Looking over to Docklands from the Thames Barrier

The Thames Barrier

A wider view of the Thames Barrier

Dr. Brakes has spared no expense with their advertising

A convenient pile of roadside auto parts

Post-industrial decay

Dumpster Cat looks for mice

Sumaiya looks at Cat

One or two signs are going on

SwiftKey waits for the bus

Roaming around near the O2

A building full or port-holes

Inside the O2

SwiftKey decide what to do about a late lunch

The sun sets behind a lattice of ironwork

Cast iron gasometer

An intricate tangle of iron

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It's a frosty morning in Suffolk, on the way to Liverpool Street