The Eye Scouts Duck Race, The Pennings, Eye, Suffolk - 24th September 2016

Fred's Beavers massive are involved in the annual Duck Race, down on the river at The Pennings just outside Eye. The objective is to unleash a pile of numbered plastic ducks, with the first across the finish line being the winner. At least this year, the ducks actually head downstream: the river is not exactly the raging rapids of the Zambesi in full flow, and in some years a gentle mis-directed breeze has been enough to blow the ducks up the river the wrong way.

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Some graffiti by Vince on the brick wall by the railway line, near Seven Kings

More random graffiti

Isobel and Harry roam around in Madgett's

Fred gets measured up for a new bike

Fred hangs about

Fred on the bars at the end of a footpath

Ready to pick up the bike in Madgett's

Fred's new bike, and Madgett's bike shop

One of Fred's other birthday presents: more Lego

Down at the Pennings, there are one or two rubber ducks

Isobel and the boys roam around

Scout fair action

The Mayor of Eye poses for a photo

Numbered ducks

Fred gets a lesson in archery

An arrow flies

Fred lines up another arrow

Isobel gives it a go

Even Harry has a bash at archery

Meanwhile, ducks are loaded into the river

A blockade of ducks

Local estate-agent Simon Harrison starts the race

Former mayor of Eye, Merlin, does a speech

The ducks drift downstream

Harry has been face-painted

The ducks are helped along

The crowd wait with anticipation

A single duck is way ahead

The winning duck reaches the finish line

The crowds look on

The following pack moves up to the finish

A wave from the river

The ducks are all picked out of the river

Fred runs about

Harry fishes for yet more ducks

The gang queue for ice cream

The mayor hands out prizes

Henry looks up

Some sort of ball game occurs on the Eye Karate stall

Isobel chats to Helen

The boys win sweets

Isobel wanders back past the church

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Some graffiti by Vince on the brick wall by the railway line, near Seven Kings