A Visit from the Swiss Cambridge Massive, Suffolk - 25th September 2016

The Cambridge Swiss massive come for an overnight visit, and bring with them a stash of hot pickled peppers from Al Amin on Mill Road. And in a suitable epitaph, we drink the last of the Swiss schnaps given as a wedding present six years ago.

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Rachel, Isobel and Sam in the new dining room

Fred and Nora poke Boris the stripey cat

Lucy, Boris and Fred

It's breakfast time

It's the most people round the table so far

The girls go nuts

Nora and Fred play 'catch the rocket'

The adults chat in the garden

Lucy does another of her poses

Fred and Nora on the pirate ship

Rachel gives Harry a lift

The gang crosses the road

Later, Grandad comes over for Fred's birthday cake

Harry looks glum as it's Fred's birthday

Fred blows his candles out

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Rachel, Isobel and Sam in the new dining room