The Tom Cobley and Castle Drogo, Spreyton and Drewsteignton, Devon - 11th August 2016

We spend a day at Castle Drogo, a few miles away from Grandma J's at Drewsteignton. After a wander around the castle, designed by Arts-and-Crafts god Edward Lutyens and in the process of a major £multi-million renovation, we meet up with Sis and Matt and hang out on the croquet pitch for a while. Later, we haul Grandma J out for a nosh-up at the legendary Tob Cobley Tavern in Spreyton.

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Castle Drogo

Bits of the castle are being cleaned and repaired

An 'access all areas' tour group gets underway

Fred plays a bit of piano

A contemporary tapestry examines various representations of the after-life

Fred shines a light on an Edward Lutyens dolls house

The Jeff Nettleship Automated Radio Teas Maid from 1952

In the many corridors of Drogo

Time to relax on beanbags

Fred does ceiling shapes

A lightfitting cherub

In the main hall

The massive roof tent has now been removed

Harry and Fred, and the sign from the company that made the money to build Castle Drogo

Isobel does some skipping

Mother and Isobel in the garden

The formal gardens of Drogo

Harry looks grumpy again

Isobel checks the map to find the croquet lawn

Fred does some multi-hoola

Hanging out on the bench

Fred hurls himself through moving hula-hoops

Harly is even more energetic

Fred plays a spot of tennis

Grandma J follows Harry up the hill on the way to the pub

Fred and Mother do menus

Isobel peruses the specials board

Harry and Grandma J

Isobel and Harry say hello to a massive hairy dog

Harry shouts at Roger (just before he pokes his beard)

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Castle Drogo