The Lord Mayor's Parade, Eye, Suffolk - 4th June 2016

Fred comes in to work with Nosher to London for a day, on account of it being half term. It's a bit of challenge as Fred has to cram in to a child seat on the back of the bike, but he seems to enjoy the day out in the Smoke, which includes a trip to Pizza Pub - The Libertine on Great Suffolk Street in Southwark. Then, it's the Lord Mayor's parade in Eye, in which Fred and the Beavers Massive are marching.

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Fred roams through Mint Street Park in Southwark

Fred in Pizza Pub

Fred in the SBR office

Fred inspects the home-made barbeque/fire pit thing

in the back garden

Isobel checks Fred's hair for fleas

The new dining room has got green walls and a funky Cellotex floor

Meanwhile, round the front, the porch is still unfinished

The Brownies lead the way

The unusual sight of the Christian Motorcyclists Association

The CMA - a sort of anti-Hell's Angels - rides up

The Gislingham Silver Band does its thing

The tuba's hard work

Fred and his gang

Andy P and the Scouts

The Eye Town Crier, followed by the new mayor

The mayor in his gear

The great and the good follow the mayor up the road

The march ends up at the church

Crowds surround the stern-looking mayor

Beavers and Scouts for a guard of honour

On the street, there's a nice old Roller

The Beavers are led out of the church

Fred gets to carry the flag

The Gislingham Silver Band on Castle Street in Eye

Fred and the flag

Milling throngs of Scout/Beaver types

Fred's posse

Fred poses with his flag

Isobel, Harry and the G-Unit get ice-creams

The tour finishes in the Vine Church

The bikers hang around outside

Cakes and sandwiches in the church

Fred messes about

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Fred roams through Mint Street Park in Southwark