A Quiz, Blackshore Harbour and Other Randomness, Suffolk and Norfolk - 9th October 2015

Nosher and Isobel, plus The Boy Phil, Wavy and Martina are in a proper organised quiz and actually win. Then the BBs have to suck up to The Man and undergo PAT testing. Finally, we take the van down to Blackshore Harbour/Quay in Southwold, hang out on the beach and visit the Alfred Corry Lifeboat Museum.

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Martina holds up a clue

The winning team (after a tie-break). Ruth roams around in the background

Isobel and Wavy hold up the inspiration for the team name: Exploring Abbots

Outside DC3 up Vinces Lane in Diss

Rob and Max unload stuff from Rob's boot, as Harry checks out a chair

Max does some testing

Rob considers fixing up his extension lead

Fred stumps off up the beach, just like the bear at the end of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

Waves smash in to the groyne at the end of the river

Fred does sand angels

Fred lobs a stick in to the River Blyth, contra jour

Harry hurls himself off the quay

Isobel and Harry

A standard Stanton PLC iron manhole cover has rusted in a really interesting way

Fred jumps off the wall

A red rose stuck to a danger sign

More crashing waves

The groyne disappears in to a wall of spray

Fred runs amongst the dunes

Isobel and The Boys look at the Alfred Corry lifeboat

Fred stands by the rudder

The Alfred Corry

Fred looks at display stuff

Isobel examines things

The Southwold No. 1 lifeboat

Harry tries to push around a tonne of water

Fred in the van

Isobel and Nosher down by the tuck shop


Harry legs it

Walkers on a hazy beach

It's Isoble's turn to do the bear on the beach look

There's a perfect imprint from a boot with 'benchmark' on the heel

Down at Diss, a rake of no fewer than four Class 57 locos trundle through the station

The bundle of old diesel locos smokes its way up the line to Norwich

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Martina holds up a clue